Antosh Gazel

Interested in time lapse, short film, documentary and street photography. Based in Oakland, CA.

Short film

My second time as Director of Photography for a Cinemasports team, this time in 2013. Great fun!
Shown at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Treasure Hunt - Cinemasports 2013 (Mill Valley Film Festival) from Antosh Gazel on Vimeo.

Time lapse

A recent time lapse project, filming from the Coast Starlight train along the California coast:

Time Lapse: Coast Starlight train - Los Angeles to San Jose from Antosh Gazel on Vimeo.


A personal project documenting the signs along Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.
The area is changing quickly, and I wanted to photograph some of these before they disappear.


KONO - Koreatown Northgate by Antosh Gazel

Metaphor and Embodiment

I also have an interest in metaphor, particularly in ways in which it relates to emotion and bodily experience.
I wrote a paper on this in 2008: The embodied origin of metaphor

Contact: info at antosh dot org